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Colloquium on Multimodal Pedagogies in Higher Education

The Directorate of Teaching and Learning and the Faculty of Arts will host a colloquium on multimodal pedagogies in higher education,  Monday 7 August from 10h30 – 16h30 and Tuesday 8 August from 8h30 – 16h30.

RSVP by Friday 21 July 2017: Tania Oppel or Andrea Jansen 
 Contact: 021 959 3069

Multimodal pedagogies assume that the forms of representation through which students make their meanings – deriving from their many cultural resources – are a central issue in teaching, learning and its assessment. In South Africa, they pertain to the politics of representation and the politics of difference in diverse, multicultural and multilingual classrooms. Multimodal pedagogies address the question: ‘How can the classroom, as a multi-semiotic space, become a complex democratic space, founded on the productive integration of diverse histories, modes, genres, epistemologies, feelings and discourses?’ (Stein 2008:1) Multimodal pedagogies also respond to the expectations of 21st century learning and learners integrating digital literacies into the curriculum.

This colloquium is designed to be a hands-on experience for participants, who will experience various ways of using multimodal literacies in the classroom. Please indicate when you RSVP which workshops you are interested in attending – this will be a on a first come first serve basis.

7 August 2017 Venue: School of Public Health
10:30-11:30Arrival & coffee/tea Welcome and introduction to programme
11:30-12:00Panel discussion on multimodal pedagogies
Arlene Archer, Candace Kuby, Karin Murris
12:45-14:45Workshop 1 Karin Murris – A Transmodal Community of Enquiry
14:45-16:15Workshop 2 Kristy Stone – Nonrepresentational drawing techniques
8 August
Parallel sessions
Workshop 3a Pam Sykes - Using images/photographs in teaching and learning. This part one of two workshops, 3 a & b (Venue: SOPH 1c)

Workshop 4 Janine Lewis – Visual literacy: metaphors, interpretation and Augmented Reality (AR) technology
11:00-13:00 Workshop 3b Daniela Gachago & Andre Daniels – Digital Story Telling in higher education pedagogies (Venue: Soph 1 c)

Workshop 5 Arlene Archer - Multimodality and Writing in Higher Education. This workshop follows from 3a above
13:00-14:45 LUNCH
13:45-16:50 Workshop 6 - Candace Kuby –Work/Think/Play with multimodal concepts. Creating multimodal artifacts in pedagogical practice

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