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Multimodal Pedagogies and Post-Qualitative Scholarship in Teaching and Learning

Short Course 3 (2017) offered by Cape Higher Education Consortium (CHEC)

This blended learning five-week course on Multimodal Pedagogies and Post-Qualitative Scholarship in Higher Education Teaching and Learning follows on three CHEC courses: Designing Learning with Technologies; Research on Teaching and Learning; and Preparing for your Proposal and Writing for Publication in Educational Research. The course is seen as building on these prior courses and taking them further through thinking about multimodality and post-qualitative research methods. Some aspects of the course will focus on shared reading and learning engagements about multimodal pedagogies and post-qualitative inquiry. In addition to readings, the course will cover experiential and hands-on sessions on multimodal pedagogies and post-qualitative methodologies. The course will be structured in a way that will allow participants to choose to study more in-depth either multimodal pedagogies or post-qualitative inquiry depending on their prior experiences and knowledge.

Prescribed readings

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Recommended readings:

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