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Research Project on Multimodal Literacies and Pedagogies for Critical Citizenship


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About this project

Our research examines how academics are incorporating new multimodal forms of discourses and practices into their teaching and learning. We aim to explore how these may open up new possibilities for implementing socially just pedagogies – important in our current higher education context. The study seeks to identify areas of exemplary practice with multimodal literacies which currently exist at UWC, in order to better understand how to transfer and implement these practices, with wider participation amongst educators. We recognize the importance of discipline-specific critical literacies and we also seek to explore cross-disciplinary practices.
Our work as part of this research project includes reviewing the literature on multimodal literacies in higher education. We plan to conduct a series of interview with theorists and lecturer-practitioners from regional, national and international higher education institutions (HEIs).
The main focus of this study is twofold:

to better understand how multimodal literacies can be used pedagogically to develop students as critical citizens and to enable them to participate in various domains of knowledge as co-creators.

to develop a plan for enhancing teaching through incorporating multimodal pedagogies. This will require transforming institutional processes and arrangements such as assessment policies and practices