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Teaching and Learning Induction Retreat

Offered to academic staff on probation

This three day retreat is offered to new academic members of staff.  All academic staff have to complete it as part of probationary requirements. It is usually offered twice yearly, in March and September/October. As a retreat from the everyday pressures of teaching and research, this is designed as an interactive workshop for lecturers from all of UWC’s faculties and that helps to build a community of practice committed to creating the best possible learning environment for our students. We are currently able to hold the workshop at the beautiful and peaceful Montfleur Conference Centre – a location that helps to create necessary breathing space.

During the three days we focus student learning and on alignment between various aspects of teaching and learning.  Participants work on a course of their choice for the duration of the workshop. Plenary sessions are interspersed with small group sessions that afford participants time to think through aspects of their course module with the support of facilitators.

The workshop programme is planned so as to introduce a range of pertinent issues. This includes a session about how to identify and analyse important course concepts through creation of a concept map that can then become a basis for careful thinking about student learning can be facilitated. Discussions about the relationship between specific learning needs of UWC students and the university’s Charter of Graduate Attributes are followed by a specific focus on how to achieve an integrated approach (i.e. ‘constructive alignment’) with regards to teaching and assessment activities.