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The Director’s Message

The Directorate of Teaching and Learning was set up explicitly to create and implement a Strategic Plan on Teaching and Learning for the University of the Western Cape (UWC) from 2010-2014.  As the Director of Teaching and Learning at UWC, we worked collaboratively with Deputy Deans of Teaching and Learning and Teaching and Learning Specialists from faculties to develop a Strategic Plan for Teaching and Learning and a charter of Graduate Attributes.  These documents were then ratified by Senate and Council, and were then translated into an Implementation Plan on Teaching and Learning, which was also then ratified by Senate and Council. Since the initial work of devising the plan, a great deal of hard work has gone into ensuring that the implementation plan does not remain a policy document which is not put into action.  Each Faculty has developed their own implementation plan in alignment with the university plan, and the idea is that each Department will also develop an implementation plan so that the action is happening on the ground.  The way in which we are accomplishing our goals is therefore in an institutional way – we are trying to get everyone on board rather than focusing on deficits in particular areas.